BRAINSPORT - The Running Store

Get Fit To Run

 Brainsport is a locally owned running shoe store. Since 1991 we have been obsessed with helping our customers find their perfect pair of running shoes.

  We do this by measuring both of your feet, assessing your arches then watching you walk or run. We have over 6000 pairs of shoes in stock to help you find the correct match. When you try our shoes on, our staff will remind you that running shoes must be comfortable as soon as you put them on. You don't need to break them in. Please allow on average, 25 minutes for a shoe fitting. In addition to shoes, Brainsport offers a wide selection of clothing and accessories for your running needs.

  If you're wanting some guidance with your running, Brainsport offers several types of running clinics.  Our store is two blocks away from trails that meander along side the South Saskatchewan River. We offer "learn to run," "10 km," "half-marathon," and "marathon” clinics. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to run for the rest of your life


 Get Fit To Walk

  Pedestrian Shoe Fitting Centre is our sister store located next door to Brainsport. At Pedestrian, our goal is to help you find a shoe that is comfortable and looks good too. Pedestrian staff will measure and assess your feet to help you find the right match. Pedestrian offers walking, casual, and kid’s shoes. We also have sandals, winter boots, and light hiking shoes and boots.


It's time to get fit!

-Brian Michasiw

CASRS Store of the Year 2008 & 2009  SABEX 2011 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR